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Eastern Maine Law is here to help you enforce your rights. John Gause formed Eastern Maine Law to handle discrimination, civil rights, and personal injury cases on behalf of individuals.

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Experienced Trial Lawyer

John Gause has been a trial lawyer for 25 years. Before opening Eastern Maine Law, he was a partner in a leading statewide trial law firm and the lawyer for the Maine Human Rights Commission. He has tried countless employment discrimination, civil rights, and personal injury cases to juries.

Statewide Reputation

John Gause has a record of success that has earned him a statewide reputation. Clients find their way to Eastern Maine Law after being referred by other lawyers around the state. They do so because they are confident that John will handle your case skillfully.

Personal Attention

John Gause will be your lawyer at Eastern Maine Law. He personally represents each client here. John opened this firm to be able to handle your case himself so that it receives the attention it deserves. He will not assign your case to someone else.

Former Counsel for the Maine Human Rights Commission

John Gause was the Commission Counsel at the Maine Human Rights Commission for eight years. The Commission is the state agency that enforces Maine's nondiscrimination law, the Maine Human Rights Act. He represented the Commission in court in discrimination cases, drafted laws and regulations, and was responsible for all legal activity of the Commission.
Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

People should succeed based on merit. Yet sometimes they are denied the same chance because of prejudice or stereotypes. Sometimes something beyond their control requires a minor adjustment to level the playing field.

About Employment Discrimination
Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. But the law provides a remedy if you are injured from someone else’s carelessness. When that happens, you have the right to to be paid for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain from your injuries.

About Personal Injury
Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Our constitutional rights keep the government from abusing its power. The government is there to serve us within the bounds of the constitution. Government officials cannot keep us from speaking our minds freely or treat us unequally or cruelly.

About Civil Rights

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