People with disabilities have the same right to work as everyone else. It is illegal for an employer to ask questions about your disability during an interview, refuse to hire you, treat you differently, or fire you because of it. Sometimes supervisors or coworkers harass people because of their disabilities, which is also illegal. This is disability discrimination.

Employers also need to provide reasonable accommodations for your disability so that you can do your job. These may be changes to your job responsibilities, workplace, or schedule. It may also include a medical leave of absence.

Eastern Maine Law represents current and former employees in disability discrimination claims. Employers rarely admit that they discriminate because of disability. It is not necessary to show direct evidence to prove a case if you have a disability and are treated worse than others because of it.

Cases can be resolved early. They may go through the Maine Human Rights Commission or court. Sometimes cases go all the way to trial, but that is up to you. Eastern Maine Law is ready and willing to go to trial when necessary.

The courtroom is not something to be feared or avoided. A trial is an opportunity for a case to be heard. John Gause, a calm, tenacious advocate, embraces each opportunity to bring a client’s case to trial.

A successful outcome is when the client walks away feeling as though their rights were vindicated. They feel fairly compensated for the wrong suffered. John’s goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each client.

Almost all of the cases we handle are on a contingency-fee. That means that the attorney’s fee comes out of the recovery in your case instead of charging you upfront. If there is no recovery in a contingency-fee case, you do not owe us anything.